So every night I have been having these nightmares that I don’t remember, but the feeling is that I am terrified and stressed. It’s like I am having panic attacks in my sleep. Sometimes I wake 3 in the morning sometimes 5 or 6, never can remember anything but defently stressed and worried when I wake up. I am half way through my final year and I am having those dreams or I say nightmares. It is draining me.. I feel everyday less secure. Today was terrible I woke with this terrible feeling and I can’t get rid of it..
Do you have any advice?
Feeling lost a little bit.



img045 copy

This is one of the pieces that I have done this year.

Hairspray day

Today I woke up and I told myself today it’s the day to do a more complicated braid. Nope it is not, I ended up creating a knot with my hair.

So moved on with my failed experiment trying to get more elaborate with my long hair.

To get on the hairspray day, I was at tech and I was heading to the cafe to get m coffee and food so I can start my day of writing. On my way I got stopped and asked for a favour if I would want my hair done by the hairdressing department and I was like hell ya… So basically from bad hair day, I had a hairspray day. I left it on because I thought hey I don’t get to look so glamorous/ ready for a ball everyday I should embrace my gorgeous hair.


Square eyes,Hair gremlins and Study

So here in New Zealand is Monday morning and I decided today not to create art but study (write my bio, cv etc) for my course. So I woke up and the first thing I did was not to study, but to dye my hair red. I have to say I am aΒ pretty awkward person and me dying my hair was a challenge. I got the dye on my face, around the sink and walls. In the meantime, I did a schedule what I need to do today. I did promise myself that I am going to write most of the things I need to write.There not complicated just time consuming.

Washing my hair to get the dye out. It’s ridiculous how many hair gremlins I lost. I thought for a moment that IΒ WAS GOING TO GET BOLD. My hair is still where they suppose to be πŸ™‚ thumbs up for the most awkward person trying to dye their hair on the own and they succeeded.

Anyway, I will finish this post saying that I have Netflix and my eyes are turning square. I need to switch off on the mode of watching and switch on the mode of writing.

So, me, myself and I and the hair gremlins are going to be writing theirΒ artist statement, artist bio and artist cv for today.

Thumbs up to me trying to be funny.

Stay awesome people.


Hello world so today I am doing cyanotype I thought I give you a sneak peek before the final product. I doing it in canvas first time in canvas I usually do it in watercolour paper and printmaking paper let’s see how they look 😁.



You most welcome to ask any questions about the process.

Old me, Now me, Future me

Old me: I was that kind of a person that I would listen to my mum and I wouldn’t rebel, I’ be a good girl, but also I would be that kid of person that people wouldn’t believe in that I would the things that I say.

Now me: I moved to New Zealand ( I proved those people wrong). I have a certificate in Barista, Food and safety, a diploma in digital media and I am on my final year of A Batchelor of Applied arts. I think I doing pretty good for some people back Greece didn’t believe I would set foot in Uni. I guess they were wrong.

Future me: I image my future extraordinary to ordinary because those two things make life and other little things. Future me is going around Europe and hopefully somewhere in Asia around next year. After that I am moving into a city (wellington) to chase my dreams and hopes. I have faith and I believe in myself that I am about to do my best succeeding in life I want to have.

People out there did you have people that doubted it you?

If yes, tell I would like to know how strong you were and proved them wrong. If you didn’t it’s not to late, you just have to believe.