A true teacher

So I have been thinking on the matter of a true teacher, and when I mean true teacher, I mean that teacher will give you knowledge unconditionally because they love to teach and share their knowledge with everybody.

I haven’t many teachers like that, in fact, I have met only a handful of them. It’s sad because the world needs teacher’s like that. When I started on the art school I had no faith I could do it, but then one of the drawing teacher, told me

“Elektra you can do it, you are behind on the whole process, but try hard enough and you could do it!”

Guess what? I did it, I am almost finished I might not have the skills that other students have, but every day I try my hardest to own my life and my art.

I learnt so much from those teachers, they gave me hope, excitement to succeed and knowledge. So world get yourself some good teacher humans need them 🙂


Phobia, shmobia

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

So I was always afraid to be alone with myself, I used to hide in the room, or in the house because I didn’t have the guts to go out for a drink, coffee or even the cinema alone.

One day my mum came home and saw not moved from my seat all day and then she said I will break your computer if you don’t get out of this house and get some fresh air.

I hated her for that,  with all honesty not only I start going out alone, but I was with good terms with it. Now I love going out for a coffee with no one around me. I don’t feel alone or weird for doing that, but awesome to have some time away from people with just myself.

op shops

Last year, my photography tutor suggested me to go to an op shop to buy books for the installation that I wanted to do, and I was like what it’s an op shop? her reply, are you serious it’s a second-hand shop that usually they donate the money to the red cross hospice etc.

Well, I went there I got the books weren’t  really thrilled with the shop, but this year it has been the first store to buy things, I am obsessed because I can find retro tea cups or fine china really, books and it’s really cheap.

Know I can say I love them you can find real gems there you just have to be patient and when you find it buy it because it’s not going to be there for long.

What do you think humans? Do you go often to op shop and what do you buy I am curious.

PS. I am proudly going to say that I opened Redbubble shop, check it out and if you like something you are more than welcome to buy 😛

Stay awesome people.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup


I can’t say I am the most brilliant cook, but I love cooking when I am in the mood and lately I am. So I am going to share this recipe with you awesome people.


1. whole pumpkin you can use your favourite.

2 small potatoes

1 carrot

2 small/medium onions

3 garlic cloves

1tsp of coriander

4tsp of chilli powder

1ltr of veggie stock

olive oil


  1. cut the pumpkin and potato in small equal pieces drizzle olive oil, and put the herd mix and bake on 180c for 30 to 40 or until  soft and caramelised.
  2. cut in small pieces the onion, garlic, carrot and place them in the pan in low heat until soft.
  3. put all the cooked ingredients in the stock and blend.

It’s a yummy recipe and easy to make.

Stay awesome humans and tell if you tried the recipe 🙂

Hello brain

Hello brain,

Thank you for keeping me occupied for the last 2 hours while trying to sleep :'(. I am having one of those nights so I decided at midnight that I am hungry and at this very moment I am making a cheese toastie… I hope after I have eaten I can go to bed and sleep!

I tried counting , I tried just keep my eyes closed but the only thing that comes to my brain is that damn song the photograph argg…

BRAIN let me sleep

Sincerely the rest of me