The chest

This is where you hide it,

my heart

Inside your chest.

I tried to leave, but you wouldn’t give me the key.

My heart hidden, locked away in your chest

locked away in your chest

I left without my heart

it feels empty,

give me the key to your chest.

I will take what is mine and leave.

You locked my heart.


Oh hero

You the one that saved me

saved me from misery,

saved me from myself.

My hero.

I call you hero because you taught me life.

Live you said, Oh hero.

Breath you said, Oh hero.

Love you said, Oh hero.

I let go of my sadness and lived.

Do you hear me hero?

I lived, and now I am back on my cave

It hurts.

Do you hear me?

It hurts

Oh hero, you can live for me.

Let Water

let hot water run to my body
let water clean my mortal soul
let water wash all my sins
let water carry all my misbeliefs
as the water runs through my body
let it take my misfortunes
let it take disappointments
as water take all my strength
let me sink deep
let me see the real me
as water is crystal clear
my soul escapes from my body
as I try to catch it
slips and goes to the bottom of the sea
I swim harder and deeper
till I find my ruins
too late
let  water keep me safe
let  water keep me down
let water wash my memories away
let water keep me down
let water keep me
let water


Pre-Valentines thoughts

Two days ago I wrote in my notebook: “Life has began and I am watching it passing by.”

Well, that made me think that,  we all in some point in our life watched it go by. You cannot be perfect and live to a full extent every day. And actually what that means? Do I have to go out of my house and go hiking or something like that? Or am I suppose to appreciate ever single moment?

I realised today the Friday of 13th that I do live my life to a full extent, In my own unique way.

This is how I started my day: with black coffee and healthy cereal with oat milk and watching a podcast about psychology.

Healthy Breakfast

It talked about a lot of things, but the thing that draw my attention was that people this days are becoming meaner and that it’s difficult to find a relationship that not only you love each other, but value each other.

I totally agree. I also think we need to work ourselves first before we go find love and bring another person in our lives. I self-reflect so much that I know when somethings wrong with me and took me years to achieve that.

Moving  on to the love thing; since tomorrow is valentines.

A lot of people don’t have a valentine, and a lot don’t believe in that celebration. I am one of them, I do not believe in that celebration. Why do we have to celebrate love only on 14th of February we need to celebrate it every single moment of our lives.

It’s love you don’t need a person to make you feel loved. It comes from you first and then the rest of them. So that’s why I bought me a cake because I love me and if I had to celebrate that day I would with me. Let’s celebrate then for ourselves not for the media. Let’s buy an overpriced cake for ourselves and because we want it ( it can be anything you buy for yourself) not because the media says buy a gift for your loved one. Celebrate love, not because of valentines because you love that person, friend, lover, family or even yourself make it official on any day you choose. I choose every day to love and cherish me and the people around me.

What do you choose?