No Rest For The Wicked

So my first day of no tech, woohoo I got up 8:30 and I said I am going to have a fun relaxing day and 2:30 hours later I was like Oh my god when the day is going to be over? How boring am I? I ended up going to tech; scratch that I am at tech experimenting with some ideas!

My mind doesn’t let me have holidays :/ , but I am glad that I am here I am actually having fun and feeling my time with creativeness and awesomeness … So yeah I am going to spend my holidays doing art 🙂

Cyanotype in process with show you the results later 🙂

Here is a doodle for you11657262_10206993333693794_46141001_n


Persian Flower

So today I almost forgot that I had to do a drawing, but didn’t I sat down and did it.

Do you people like it? Should I add colour to my next one?

any sugge11650696_10206986451241737_1748602373_nstions on what to draw?

PS. I smudged it 😦

The Challenge

So I am on my semester break and I thought I should keep up the good work and do a semester break challenge. So I challenge myself to do a drawing every day, to hone my skills to perfection. Also starting by next week I think I should keep up the Cyanotype coming too, so peeps you going to see a lot of creative things in the next two weeks.

Do you have any suggestions on what else I should do? Maybe a drawing idea?

Here this is my first one for the drawing challenge.


Nana’s Blinds

nanas blinds

This is a response from my tutor Lisa she asked me to put it up for her because she doesn’t have a blog.

It is about my nana- whom every time I visit- wants the blinds shut to keep the sun out.

I believe the sun and fresh air will make her feel better- but she is institutionalized in an old person’s home and is always depressed. Her room is always dark and stuffy which I don’t think helps very much… 😦


Hello, people of the world. Some of you might know that  I am currently studying on the 3rd year of the Applied Arts DegreeI have chosen depression as the subject I will focus on this year. I have been asked many times why I am exploring such a subject. So I am going to tell you: I believe that art has the power to join people together and make the hostile world smaller. So that’s why I am doing this art project. Depression has been one of the leading diseases on the western world. My journey of studying and making art about depression made me realize that I can help people somehow.  This event #deardepression has been created because I believe if we share our struggles with one another it makes a bit brighter, a bit healthier.

In this event you are asked to share your experiences, there are many ways to do this.

  1. You can write about the experiences you have had.
  2. You can write a story, poem or haiku.
  3. You can create a drawing or painting.

This event is for every single human being. You don’t have to be depressed to write something. if this subject inspires you to ‘write’ about it and share it, then go ahead.

This event also about breaking the barrier of depression and making everyone a stepcloser to a healthier self by expressing feelings and becoming closer to the people around you.

The way to participate is to use the #deardepression on your post so people can find you. Also post the link to the comments below. If you don’t have a blog you are more than welcome to write your story and send it to me or post it on the comments below– either way I will try to make it visible. If anyone wants to write something on the Facebook page, twitter, or tumblr please feel welcome to, but remember to use the hash-tag and tag me so I can see it. 

you can tag me on twitter with @electroudi

Night like this

Night like this

So I am stressed lately and I can’t control it sometimes, but when night comes and I see the full moon shining everywhere like it is day; I feel encouraged and brave. I am not scared anymore. The light is like cleansing for all my doubts. Do you feel like that? or do you have a source of strength from somewhere else?

PS. To all bloggers out there, I need help. I want to create an event, but I have no idea how to. Do I create a page for that event? do I create a category? how is the way to go? If anyone knows and they are happy to help please fire away 🙂

Stay awesome.