What is home?

Someone asked me what is home?

My answer was: ” In greece home is a place that has roof and you feel sheltered and safe”

So I am lucky because I had one of those, and some people don’t.

What I want to say is that I have been in two places and I have homes in both places. Greece and New Zealand it’s in my heart! I feel torn because I enjoy equally both off them, but also they give me something different. I need to be in Greece  now, but New Zealand remains in my heart.


Old fashioned

Hey everybody this is quick blog, but a funny one!

Yesterday I went out and I decided to have an old fashioned coctail ( which is sugar, whisky, orange peel and maraskino) anyway I tried and I skewed my face. My mum was like why you got that is almost straight whisky on rocks and i am like well it will teach me a lesson what Ryan gosling makes on a movie isn’t always nice. Everybody laughed.
I did enjoy the image of him in my mind though while drinking this.

What future?

Have you ever got cross with a spiritual person and told you that coming back wad good and that you never going to leave and break with you current boyfriend and find someone else?

Well it happened to me! It broke my heart because I do believe those things and puts the benefit of the dought in your mind! At the same time tho I need to trust my instincts because I make my freaking destiny not the universe does it for me! Future changes all the time is the paths we take and only us will make it happen .. so thank you future tellers, mediums, numerologist,  spiritual people, but at the moment I don’t want to make plants that will change my life!
I am happy like I am even when the dought come in place I have a cry like a little bitch and I see that I am crying for something I might lose and love. So bye bye negative thoughts. I promise will live my life to maximum and everyday is a new day!

When someone drops the L bomb

When someone drops the L word.
You need to take some steps!
1. Don’t say thank you
2. Don’t say I like you too
3. Say you so cheesy we just been dating only for 2 weeks
4. Run for the hills, run for your life because of its true that you or the other person said I love you in the course of 2 weeks to 2 months that’s too soon.

5. Repeat if necessary or say I love you back and get stuck with that person for ever!

Packing your suitcase


I find very stressful to pack my bags because there are so many things to remember.

What I noticed, this time, was half of my suitcase was my arty stuff or my actual art.

anyway my steps for packing:

  1. Put everything on the bed
  2. walk away because it is overwhelming
  3. go back with a cup of tea
  4. starting putting clothes inside the suitcase
  5. realize you putting it wrong so take everything out and re – pack it properly
  6. find space for shoes
  7. have a fight about it because you can’t fit 15 pairs
  8. admit defeat and finish the packing


What’s your process?

I am sure by the time I arrive in Greece I will remember that I have forgotten so many things.

Best Friends and such…


I don’t know everybody’s experience with best friends, but mine was at the beginning ” I fucking hate you bitch”.

I know it sounds aggressive, but as a person, I am not( except when I am driving).

It’s weird ,I think I am very weird; I hated my best friends, I really did. The more I hated them the more I tried to figure out why. In the end, I spend so much time with them that I actually get to know them.

Guess what?

There were freaking awesome.

These people I thought” these fucking bitches” there my best friends.

I love those people.

So thank you for putting up a weird holocaust jokes, and a weird accent. Above all my awesome personality makes up for my weirdness.

Ps. No matter the fights or the distance between us we are always best friends because we don’t need be always together to secure our friendship.

I hope it’s like that with everybody.

Would love to hear your story!

When the universe says….

When the universe says fuck you, what do you do?

well, that’s a good question. There are two scenarios:

Number one:

You admit defeat and you and die in a corner

or Number two:

You look up in the sky, with all your power lift both of your hands with the middle finger standing up, and scream from at top of your lungs FUCK YOU TOO UNIVERSE.

Because defeat is not in your dictionary and you will Capre fucking diem every day.

This is what I tell myself when shit things happen.