Work (Poem)

Waking Β up for life

Organizing your death

Risking to beΒ extraordinary

Kneeling to society


Today is the Day (poem)

Today is the day

that I will sway

Today is the day

that I will make clay

today is the day

that I will be gay

Today is the day

that I will say

Today is not the day

for neigh


When I grow up!

I always say let’s listen to the grown up they might know a little bit about life! 

They response is you are a grown up! 

The answer I give is I am not grown up grown up yet! I haven’t got kids! 

Is this the breaking point of being an actual grown up? Or is one point in your life that you say I need to stop fucking around and I need to do something all grown up do; know what I am supposed to do in life and earn a lot of money? 

Here is the thing though I don’t really care about money. I just want an easy going life that I am able to do things without being judged and being expected that I was meant to do more with my life.

So I choose not to be a grown up! I am 24 and I am aloud to figure things out even if they don’t look good on my CV. 

I am back

I have been away 

Sorry for that

It’s time to fall back

With a loud bang
Ps. Hey guys been traveling around Europe so it’s hard to post thing on the blog, but now that I am coming to the end I will be posting some stuff more often! Brace yourselfs I am back!