Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris


So, I read the second book of the series. It took me so long to read it.

I didn’t get into the second one. All I could think of is that it was so different from the series. Like the events were the same, but they made the plot so much more in the series. For example, there was more death and orgies in the series and less in the book. The book involved around the Dallas event more than the maenad and the series exactly the opposite.

Anyway, I should probably tell you what I thought of the book rather compare the two.

The book was very simple, I got bored of the story. If I hadn’t been reading these kind of novels I probably wouldn’t though. The story has some spice into it and was well crafted to lead to you to events. It kept the interest going( if you hadn’t seen the series). Yes, I am coming back to that because when you have seen something totally different and go to the book that’s different then yes you would be thinking the same thing.

There were couple good jokes that made me chuckle. To be honest these series are simple, is not worth reading if you like something more intellectual, but if you want to pass your time then yes go ahead read them. I will be taking a break from these series and going into more classic novels.

PS. I hope you like what you reading, there are so many ways to write a review only a few know how to do this great( I am not one of them). Saying that though I kind enjoy writing them. Practice makes perfect. I hope I find my style writing them soon.


Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse #1

Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse #1 by Charlaine Harris


Hi everyone,

I haven’t read the “true blood” series or the real name is Sookie Stackhouse novels. So I thought I give it a crack. Yes, I know I am deviating from my original list, but when a book calls to you-you just read it!

Well, I have seen the series and everyone has been saying to me how different the books are and has a lot more meaning to them. So I read the first book. In process reading it, I was trying to remember the series and try to link the moments to the tv. I recommend for no one to do this because it’s actually different.

The book itself it’s interesting for a vampire novel. The plot was centered by the heroine Sookie which was a simple gal that had mind reading abilities and she was trying to hide them. She meets this mysterious Vampire and they get together because she can find peaceful moments with him because she can’t read his mind.

So far so good right? Nope, the novel is actually interesting because a lot of things happen during this time. The fun fact is that the messed up characters are humans, OH the irony!!!

In my deeply opinion is worth reading because it keeps you want to read more, it goes fast and for a  bonus, it talks about some issues in modern society that we wouldn’t just talk.

It’s simple, but yet interesting, it has sex, romance, suspense, drama, racism and other human qualities that we try to hide! So go ahead and read it and tell if you liked it or not.

What should I read next?

Although I am reading the second book of this series please go ahead and suggest something spicy I can write about!

Sydney-Chinese Garden


Oh baby, this is heaven place of earth.  Or should I say Zen.

An oasis, a shelter of peacefulness and calmness. Yes, it is worth going either you living in Sydney or you just visiting. It’s a small Chinese garden in Sydney. It was built to show gratitude between the Australian and Chinese people.  Through the garden, it explains it why it was made this way and what it represents. As you can see I loved it there. I felt peaceful and calm. I was charged with positivity and I wished the whole world looked like that.

Anyway, it’s worth going there, and if you go tell me did you like it? Did you feel zen too?


Mistress of the Storm


Mistress of the Storm by Terri Brisbin

Tatatadan ( dramatic drum roll)

Hi everyone,

I went to the library and got this book because I thought that the title is so bad that had to be good. Well, I don’t know how to review this! Because I want to write my opinion as woman reading these stories.  So here it goes:

First of all, why erotica books have to be insulting to women? Like why the women in those books have to be abused or whored for the men’s benefit? Is this appealing to women? Or is it just me that I feel disgusted? For the sake of it, I read the book because it was the case of the book. The woman in this book was used for a man’s benefit.

Of course, there is always this savior that saves her with sex and “affection”. There always sacrifices that both make, but the end is happily ever after. I love reading these kind of books, but I try not read books that mistreat women. In this case, I wanted to finish the book because I felt I had to write about it.

So, the first half of the book it’s bad, I wanted to stop reading. As I continued though it started to be nicer and by saying nicer I mean stop using the woman as an object and more like a person.  The plot was the same as other erotica books, men meet’s woman. Man fights for woman, lots sex in between  and then the happy ending.

If you like reading these kind of books then it’s the right one for you!

Anyway, my list is getting bigger by the day and I keep reading other books than the one I suppose too. So bare with me because sometimes I read books like that!

I hope you enjoyed my rant, oh wait, my review 😛

I am having one soon because I finished another book 🙂

Manly Beach and more?


I know I haven’t finished my series about Australia so here I am picking up the slack.

So as some of you may know that manly is a beach in Sydney; you can go by bus or you can take the ferry.

Manly is a nice little area and it’s worth going if you are a surfer. We went there especially because they had the surfers championship; so we saw professionals surf. It was fun!!!

But if you want to swim then is not the beach for you, because there are a lot currents and big waves. I went inside the sea anyway because I am fearless (stupid). 20160301_151609.jpg

So when my mother wanted to go there for a second day I was like yay, not!

So as smart and adventures like I am, I went to an adventure to Palm beach.

Yeah, I almost cried when I was traveling for one and half hours there. It wasn’t the smartest idea I ever had in my life. When I arrived there I understood that this beach was more like a locals people beach. I got to see tho the sun setting and had a swim in ocean pool. It was different. Palm beach was like someone brought it to life and the scene resembled stories from the Bronte sisters.


So lived my fairy tale for a little bit.


Sydney day 4

Greetings humans!

I saw you didn’t like my beach life on day 3. Yes it wasn’t something extrodinary, but if you are in Sydney defently need to check some beach because it’s fun and the water is so nice and dangerous 😂😂😂.


Anyway our day started with a simple breakfast at crown street and the cafe was calls Kawa. It’s was pretty good simple and lots of option for vegetarian and vegan.




Anyway we went to town hall to witness the oldest building that happen to be a mall. It was magnificent. Each flour was better than the other one and the stained glassed was unbelievable. We looked the neibourhood and we did some shopping (of course). Then we got lost and hangry. So after out little fit we ate some fruit and dropped of our shopping were we staying and walked to China town.



Yusss… it was great we even ate there. Yes  it was fantastic.  They give you tea with your food. Everytime I have tea from a Chinese I want to dance and say thank you. They make it so good. It so simple but tasty without overpowering flavor.


Then after that we walked to darling harbour and we walked around it. The evening walk is the best because the temperature has cooled down and you just enjoy the company and the view. Also, at that area they are celebrating the month of love and they have flower statues, glowing hearts and romantic things all around the harbour. To enhance the romance in the relationships which I found very sweet. The places I went can be really budget it. I simply spend money on food. The rest was just walks I didn’t even have to take the train.

We topped the night going to kings cross. My mother’s friend suggested to us to go there and I have a drink. As soon as we came off the train we saw several clubs that they were striptiz( I don’t know how it’s spelled by the way) we needed up going to a pizzaria and having a glass of wine with pizza.

We did have the excitement of being in a dodge neibourhood without knowing.

So peeps, I hope you like what I am writing I am trying to make it as interesting as I can. If you have any suggestions please do say so. I would love to try something different.