Well that’s depressing!

Well, that’s depressing. That was my boyfriend words when I told him that I am going to the beach alone. I asked him why and he told me because you going to be alone. “Poor me”, all alone.

“Poor me”, all alone.

It is not depressing, it would be if I stayed home and done nothing. I always stay home on my days off, now that’s depressing. I don’t want to wait for someone to have an epiphany and come with me. I independent person that can do stuff alone. I love me time, I love it so much that I prefer my own company more.

Being in my comfort zone is easy, getting out and do the things you talk about is difficult. I don’t want to be a wannabe artist or wannabe adventurer I just want to do them.

Going after my wants and my dreams are not depressing, even if my dream for my day off is to have a swim in the sea for the first time in this summer.

What do you think?

Is it depressing doing things for yourself? ( even if you have no one to come with you or do it with you?


An act of kindness

I think karma really exists and if you are a truly good person that does nice things not because they want to do a “nice thing” (so people like them ), but from the bottom of their heart they do a nice thing, then destiny, karma comes back with a big kiss.

My good friend she got engaged but she and her fiance cannot afford her ring so they are paying it off before they get it. Life is difficult and especially for her. She works in a gallery and she is a glass artist so her fiance. So you can imagine the money is not coming easily to their pockets.

One day she was working, and she was helping a couple to buy a present for their anniversary and part of the helping she told them about how she made the ring for her fiance but she was still waiting for hers. Jokingly she said, ” what do you except both glass artist the money is difficult to come”.

The couple, before they gone from the area they left her an envelope saying, this is something for you. I hope you have an amazing wedding, and fifty dollars to go towards her ring.

Now this is an act of kindness, I thank those people because my good friend needed a break. Since I known her, she done great things for other people even when she couldn’t afford to. This is just the beginning for her, good people get karma in their side.

So people out there, when you do something great for someone else don’t expect the favour back. Great actions come from the heart. Be awesome, like that couple. You don’t have to give fifty dollars, you can bake a cake or help an old lady go across the road or something like that.  An act of kindness is always great either is something small or big.

Stay Awesome people.