Sydney day 3

Greetings humans,

So today the day started with going for breakfast. It was around the neibourhood but have no clue what’s the name. Here is thou what I had for breakfast


It was like with refried beans chillies and eggs; spicy but good.
Then we took the train and went to Bondi beach. The place was packed, but I had so much fun in the water. I basically was all day inside the sea.

Bondi beach
Bondi beach

I totally recommend going there. It has shops and fun things to do. Also we went to an Latin are can festival there with live music. We found it by accident. It had live music, food, drinks and of course a lot of dancing.

Latin American festival
Latin American festival

We ended eating at bondi beach. The place was called hurricane. It was a steak house; my mother wanted ribs, but I am a vegetarian and I was afraid I would have nothing. I was wrong I had a veggie burger it was epic. Very good. So if you are a vegetarian  and your company is not then is a good place to go.


Sydney day 2

Greetings humans

The second day was pretty chilling. We saw the other part of crown street and went to Oxford Street there it’s another area which it was pretty cool. We went to the Paddington market, and it had nice food and the best thing was the Japanese massage.

We had a stop to place that had organic and vegan things. It was so good so so so good.




This a teaser from that place so it worth checking out. I do not know the adress because I found it random but the name is orchard .

The day ended eating at the harbour watching the bridge.

Ps. I went to bunch of second hand shops and I got Louboutin for 50$ and that pair might have cost more than 1000 dollars.


So today wasn’t that amazing, but fear not I will have more things coming up.

Sydney day 1

Greetings humans,

So I woke up refreshed and ready for the day to be fantastic, but fear not it was somewhat a disaster. The iron tablets that I am taking made me sick; so all day I was suffering with intense stomach pain.

Firstly we went on to a famous cafe here in Sydney called Bills at Surry hills. I wasn’t impressed. I guess wasn’t my style plus my pain was so bad that I actually vomited at the place. So it might have been just me.

We saw some cool boutiques at crown street and then had some lunch white taro cafe/restaurant. The place was pretty amazing. I got waffles and they were perfect.

Waffles at white taro

I then went were we staying and lied down cause I was feeling like crap. Fear not didn’t let my discomfort put me down. We got dressed up and went at the harbour so we can see the opera house.
Here is some snaps from you guys.

View looking towards the city
The bridge

So my first thought was.. WOW!!!! Sure human kind knows to create magnificent building and make you feel small.
We ended it up seeing Romeo and Juliet as a theatrical play in the opera house. My after thoughts was: pretty cool, never have ever experienced Shakespeare in a theatre. So I didn’t regret going there. Maybe if I have money I try and go and see Verdi an actual opera at the opera house.

So this was my day. Relaxing. If you reading this and you are for Sydney please do suggest something if you think I like it:)

First sight


It’s not a great photo, but seeing Sydney from the plane it was amazing. It felt like the city was breathing and vibrating with life. The lights was the conception of live hood and accopaning the nature around it.

This my first post of my 10 days here so I will put more posts up from my trip explaining and trying stuff here in Sydney. Hope you enjoy reading…

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Hey everyone,

So it took that long to read the second book, not because it was difficult English, but because I just didn’t get into to it that much. The story was evolved quite slowly, I excepted more action from Cinders part; I felt I read 300 pages for events of two days which I am pretty sure it was.  None the less right, in the end, it built up the anticipation for the next book. Which I will be reading, but not just yet. I will be giving the series a rest for a little while, maybe it will build my curiosity more.

Furthermore, I loved Scarlets (aka little riding hood) character, it gave a back story to it. She was adventurous and hard working and it was nice to see that the female characters in these series are not boring and their main purpose is not a man.

Also, the way Marissa Meyer portrayed wolf was intriguing and I wanted to learn more about him. The unexpected, there was romance between scarlet and wolf and it was nice to see the underdog (wolf) play an important role to scarlet’s survival.

Finishing this review, I would say the only downside for me, was that the book was taking long time to evolve.

So, what people recommend that I read next and review?

Antique fair

I have died and gone to China heaven… I was made not to hut anything 😢😢😢





And if someone wants to buy me this and ship to me no problem ..





Feeling glamorous with that😁

Road to …


12737120_10208578698086913_1596455681_o (1)
Solitude by Elektra Bakhshov

Family see you changed and they say it’s something wrong, friends see you changed and they say you are not the same.


People ask you why are you like that?

why are you so bloated?

why  don’t you take care of yourself?


Then start judging you, picking everything that is bad from your life. Asking you to find yourself, but when you say I have found myself; their answer is you are not the same, your are not as happy, you are not as thin.

My answer is, life happened, I worked like a dog without a break, didn’t have my own space to breathe. So yeah have changed for the better or worst, and yes I have become judgy.

What do I want now?

Me myself and I need a fucking break from judgment.

Me myself and I need to go on the road to solitude and that can be just a state of mind.

No negativity or stress in our life because it’s not worth it.

Everything will fall into place.

What you think did you go through something like that?

Made Art!!!!

Hey everybody,

So I went on hectic making stage of 48 hours, it was great I done 20 images that 13 I think I pretty awesome. I bought my frames and the only the thing I need to do is right the promotional article.

Help!!! no inspiraion, writing about cyanotype and the art you doing in a manner that going to attract people to the exhibion is hard.

So I am basting my head for a last minute inspiration because I have to have it by tomorrow.

Make art? ??

I have an exhibition coming up in 3 weeks I have so many things to do plus my fart what? I meant my art😉 I am staying at my friends house and we going to pump around 30 cyanotype each of us in 2 days so wish us luck.. there no time for mocking around…no time to think breath or hesitate …

Just do it !!!!!!

Have you been on the crazy wagon or are you an adult that has their life up running … cause I don’t 😁
Anyways I will go back to panicking and making..

Stay awesome humans