This is my work .. how does it look this exhibition is my graduate and don’t have a lot of time making decisions so help does it look good?


My Redbubble shop


I ordered throw pillow cases from my shop and I have to say it’s good quality and the size it big for a small😊 I hope people would hurry up and see how awesome they are and buy them… on that note my page is
In case you have the urge to buy somethingπŸ˜€


Being an artist

Being an artist is amazing and at the same time sucks!

1.I am not aΒ pessimist on the contrary I am very much motivated to succeed in the art world. I have to admit I envy people that get that first luck, the publicity and then they are off to do more work because there offers or they are known for the first success and it’s easier to get into galleries.

2. Of course you can sell your artwork online, on art markets, and etc, but then the dilemma on how do I price my work because I know how much I want the piece, but people are always like WOW that’s expensive and you are like no its not, took me 3 full days to do one piece.

3. If you want to be an artist that does shows I think you just have to chase and create your own break! Don’t wait for others, rely on yourself.

In conclusion, I am happy to say that I chase my own path; I don’t wait to just happen and if people think that a piece of artwork is expensive that’s ok because there other people that may want to buy it.

here is one of my latest pieces